Top 5 The Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Pets Buyer’s Guide 2022

Top 5 The Best Carpet Spot Cleaners For Pets Buyer’s Guide 2022

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Dirty spots on your carpet can be cleaned without paying a professional. All you need to do is to buy a carpet spot cleaner.

This type of cleaner removes; bacteria, dust mites, and other dirt that could affect your pets’ health.

It is a great tool if you have kids or pets that pee, stain, or leave small messes on your carpet.

There are different types of spot cleaners out there, and you need to know which one is suitable for your needs.

In this post, we’re going to review the top five Best Carpet Spot Cleaners (for pets) available on the market.

We made this list based on our team opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.  

So, here are the top five Best Carpet Spot Cleaners (for pets)

5. The fifth product on our list is the Hoover PowerDash. 

hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner review

37724 Customer ratings | 864+ Answered questions

The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner easily tackles pet messes and everyday stains while delivering 2 times more cleaning power than the conventional lightweight carpet cleaner.  

This carpet cleaner features two separate tanks; one for the clean water and the other for the dirty water it sucks back up out of the carpet. 

The clean water tank has a half-gallon capacity to avoid adding extra weight to the carpet cleaner. 

The PowerDash’s PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll features antimicrobial protection that prevents odor and provides a powerful cleaning function in high traffic areas and small spaces.

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It uses heat to thoroughly sanitize your carpet and heat force technology to dry the carpets quickly.

So, you won’t have to wait for a long time for your carpet to dry before freely moving around.

This easy-to-use pet carpet cleaner delivers a compact and lightweight design that makes it convenient to move around without any hassle.

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The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner is ideal for small apartments or homes with limited storage space.  

However, if you intend to use it in a large area, note that you will have to manually check the clean tank water level and refill consistently to achieve good cleaning results. 

This product comes with a Hoover Trial Size Solution to enhance your cleaning performance and a one-year warranty.

Its pros are: 

  • It has a powered beater brush with antimicrobial protection that keeps your house free of germs,
  • Its suction power ensures efficient cleaning; and
  • This cleaner is fairly easy to use. 

However, the cons are,

  • It has low-capacity tanks; and
  • Its power cord is short, which makes it unsuitable for large houses.

Final thoughts – Hoover PowerDash pet cleaner is the ultimate solution suitable for people who need a suction power-optimized cleaner that guarantees energy-efficient cleaning.

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4. In fourth place is the Bissell PowerBrush.

hoover powerdash pet carpet cleaner review

1630 Customer ratings | 64+ Answered questions

Getting rid of pet mess from off your carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner and other conventional cleaners is somewhat stressful, time-consuming, and difficult.

You may need to try repeatedly before you can successfully clean off the stains or remove the fur from your carpet.

With the Bissell pet stain eraser power brush, the story is different. This unit is a cordless carpet spot cleaner that works with a lithium-ion battery with 15 minutes extended run time and 4 hours charge time. 

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This makes it ideal for use anywhere, anytime. Featuring a rotating power brush, it works deep into your carpet to lift and remove embedded dirt and stains, leaving your carpet almost as good as new.

The Bissell pet stain eraser power brush works by spraying the included Professional Spot stain Stain plus Oxy formula, scrubbing, and suctioning the dirty water into a separate tank.

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The Professional Spot and Stain plus Oxy formula does not require mixing with water and can be conveniently stored in the machine, so it’s ready to use when needed. 

This device has a cleaning path width of 3 inches and is perfect for cleaning different surfaces such as area rugs, auto carpet, low Pile Carpet, pet beds, stairs, upholstery, and more. Also, you get a 2-year warranty when you buy this product.

Its pros are: 

  • It is a lightweight carpet cleaner that weighs only 12 pounds,
  • Its collapsible handle makes it easier to store; and
  • It has a separate tank for clean water and one for dirty water that prevents cross-contamination. 

However, the cons are,

  • It has only average drying capability; and
  • It is a bit noisy. 

Final thoughts – This affordable carpet cleaner is suitable for people who need a unit that does a better job on small stains and is ideal for short carpets. 

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3. The third product on our list is the Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro.

bissell proheat 2x lift off pet carpet cleaner review

4445 Customer ratings | 188+ Answered questions

Bissell spot clean pro pet compact carpet cleaner combines powerful suction, brushing action, and cleaning solution for superior cleaning results removing stubborn dirt and tough pet stains.  

As the name suggests, this compact machine provides professional-level results for carpet cleaning and spot removal, making those odors and messes disappear.

It has a three-quarters gallon capacity, allowing you to clean a larger area without refilling the tank during use.

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This carpet spot cleaner has a long hose, a 22-feet power cord, and a small brush head that enables it to reach hidden areas.  

It combines superior suction, scrubbing action, and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains and embedded dirt, for more for complete cleaning performance.  

Also, for versatile and intense cleaning, the Bissell spot-clean pet pro cleaner comes with a 3-inch tough stain trapper tool and two trial-size pet pro OXY urine eliminator formulas.

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The stain trapper tool keeps the OXY eliminator formula and other liquid messes inside the tool and out of your machine.

This cleaning device is designed to clean your carpet, upholstery, stairs, and area rugs. Its lightweight and portability make it easy to carry wherever there is a mess to be cleaned.

Plus, like others on this list it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Its pros are: 

  • This cleaner is great for cleaning difficult places like stairs and other hard to reach areas, 
  • It comes with a bottle of cleaning solution; and
  • It has a 5-foot long hose. 

However, it cons:

  • It does not have wheels.  

Final thoughts – The Bissell SpotClean Pet Pro is a great choice for people who want a unit that can clean a range of places like car interiors, stairs, and high foot traffic areas.  

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2. The second product on our list is the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3. 

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 review

1266 Customer ratings | 235+ Answered questions

Remove deep, set-in dirt, grime, filth, stains, soils, and household pet messes using the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Commercial Pet Pack.

This carpet cleaner has more than twice the regular capacity of other carpet cleaners on the market.

It features a recovery tank that makes for more cleaning time and less filling and emptying.

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With its large wheels, you can conveniently roll it almost anywhere. This carpet cleaner has 3 times the cleaning strength of commercial carpet cleaners, restoring and reviving your carpeted floors and soft surfaces.

It works by spraying, scrubbing, and extracting embedded pet messes, dirt, grime, filth, and odors.  

Using its powerful jets, it injects a carpet cleaner solution deep into your carpet.

It uses its triple-action vibrating brush to scrub the sides of each carpet fiber to effectively remove dirt and odors that other steam cleaner machines may miss while targeting pet hair, pet urine, and other messes.

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After scrubbing and brushing your carpet, this machine uses its pro-grade vacuum to suction and remove the stains and odors and aid in drying the carpet quickly.

You can pair this carpet cleaner with the mini handheld upholstery scrubber tool to tackle stains on most couch cushions, stairs, rugs, pet beds, corners, and hard-to-reach places with ease.

However, this tool is sold separately. This unit is CRI Gold Rated and has a 2-year consumer warranty.

Its pros are: 

  • The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 has an excellent suction that lessens drying time,
  • It has a huge water tank; and
  • Its foldable handle is adjustable. 

However, the cons are,

  • This cleaner is noisy; and 
  • It is difficult to move around. 

Final thoughts – Thoroughly clean your carpets with the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3; this carpet cleaner is suitable for professionals who want a commercial-grade cleaner for carpets.

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1. Finally, our top Carpet Spot Cleaner (for pets) is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution.

bissell lift off pet carpet cleaner review

13388 Customer ratings | 835+ Answered questions

Attack the toughest stains on your surfaces with the Bissell ProHeat 2X revolution. This machine has multiple features that put it ahead of other carpet cleaners in terms of functionality.

You can either activate the CleanShot pre-treater to eject the cleaning solution right on those tough stains on your carpet or use the MAX clean mode for professional-grade cleaning to remove deep-down embedded stains, dirt, and odors.

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Engineered to be one of the best and most powerful carpet cleaning systems out there, it features an express clean mode that dries your carpet in about 30 minutes.  

This machine’s other features include a 2-In1 pet upholstery tool and a 3-inch tough stain tool that works in both dry and wet modes to completely remove pet hair, stains, and odors.

Its lightweight design and low-profile foot make it easy to use and maneuver around your furniture.

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The EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover makes it simple to maintain the machine. Simultaneously, the Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator formula’s trial size does a good job removing tough stains and odors. 

With the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro, you have everything you need to take on tough pet messes.

Its pros are: 

  • It is noiseless.
  • Its water reservoir is large; and
  • It is easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning and maintenance. 

However, the cons are,

  • It is not ideal for large messes or full rooms; and
  • This unit’s water tank wobbles when snapped in place. 

Final thoughts – Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution penetrates deeply into porous surfaces to remove embedded dirt and stains and is suitable for people who need a unique unit with versatile functionality. 

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That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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