Top 5 Best Toaster Ovens Review & Buying Guide 2022

Top 5 Best Toaster Ovens Review & Buying Guide 2021 

Today, we’re going to look at the Top 5 Toaster Ovens available on the market.

Best toaster oven air fryer

We made this list based on our market research, and customer reviews.

So, here are the Top 5 Best Toaster Ovens

5. Fifth product on our list is the Cuisinart TOB-1010

Cuisinart TOB-1010 review

1261 Customer ratings | 135+ Answered questions 

Explore various cooking options with the Cuisinart TOB-101 Toaster Oven Broiler. From evenly toasted bread to baking a pizza or cooking a roast, each meal comes out with mouthwatering results. 

The versatility of this toaster oven makes cooking convenient and hassle-free for you. Equipped with 1800 watts of power, this kitchen essential is perfect for cooking Toasting, Baking, Broiling, and making Pizza for a small family.

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The 0.5 cubic foot capacity fits an 11-inch pizza or 6 slices of toast at once. Also, the Always Even technology ensures that you get a consistent even toasting result every time.  

The high-quality stainless steel used in making this toaster oven makes it very durable. With its glass door, you get to know your food’s cooking status without opening the oven. There’s also a cool-to-touch handle that is heat-resistant, thus preventing accidents or burns.

The slide-out rack allows you to take out food conveniently from the oven and makes for easy cleanup, while the internal crumb tray also has a cool-touch grip for easy removal and clean-up as well.

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Additionally, this toaster’s interior has a non-stick coating that makes cleaning straightforward and non-slip feet that keep it stable on any surface. There are three controllers for cooking function, temperature, and toast shade on this toaster oven. There’s also an on/off button and an indicator light. This toaster oven will fit most kitchen countertops and complement the kitchen décor as well.

Its pros are:

– It is easy to operate,
– It does not take much space in the kitchen; and
– It heats up quickly.

However, the cons are,

– It is quite loud; and
– It has no timer function.

Final words – The Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven Broiler is perfect for anyone who needs a compact and high-performing toaster oven in their home or office.

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4. In fourth place is the MOOSSO Convection.

MOOSSO Convection Review

422 Customer ratings | 75+ Answered questions 

Cooking will always be fun when you have the right kitchen equipment that reduces the stress and hassle that comes with the process. The MOOSSO Convection Oven offers you more than just stress-free cooking but also a variety of delicious meals without leaving your comfort zone.  

Whether you decide to use this in your home or office, the results are yet the same. The 23-liter ultra large capacity of this toaster oven makes it possible to toast 6 pieces of bread at once, bake a 10-inch pizza, a cake, or even roast a whole chicken.

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As a multi-functional toaster oven with ten classic presets, you get to choose whichever cooking option you want with just three buttons. These cooking option include air fry, dehydrate, toast, roast, bake, air broil, rotisserie, defrost, fish, and pizza.  

There’s an LED screen, convenient dial controls, and function knobs on this unit that allows you to customize the cooking programs to make your food just the way you want. For instance, if you’re going to bake, place the food inside the oven, set the temperature and timer, and you are good to go.

This unit combines 1700 watts of ultra-high power and 360-degree heating technology to ensure that the food is heated quickly and evenly. There’s also an in-built fan that adjusts the hot air to preserve your food’s flavor and avoid food scorching.  

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This toaster oven comes with a fetch rack, rotisserie spit assembly, removable crumb tray, air fryer basket, wire rack, baking pan, and a cookbook.  

The inner cavity of the MOOSOO oven is large, nonstick, and very convenient to clean. And all accessories can be washed by dishwashers. You also get a 12-month warranty with this product.

Its pros are:

– It has heat-resistant handles,
– It has Ten cooking presets options; and
– It offers 360-degree air convection technology.

However, it’s cons are:

– The outer stainless surface may become hot during use.

Final words – The MOOSSO Convection oven is ideal for anyone looking for a toaster oven with a large capacity and several cooking options.

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3. Third product on our list is the Calphalon Quartz Heat.

Calphalon Quartz Heat review

1097 Customer ratings | 297+ Answered questions 

The Calphalon Quartz heat countertop oven makes cooking a fun art rather than a stressful act. It is designed with an innovative quartz heating element to deliver 40 percent more stable heat for even cooking and a crispy consistency.

This toaster oven preheats in a few seconds and cooks with precision to save you time. The spacious interior is large enough to fit a 12-inch pizza and also handle your everyday cooking needs. It has 11 preset cooking options, including bake, pizza, broil, toast, bagel, roast, defrost, warm, reheat, cookies, and dehydrate; this gives you all the options you need to prepare a sumptuous meal for you and your family.  

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In addition to its versatility, Calphalon Quartz has a high-contrast LCD screen that enables you to control all features and track current cooking settings.  

The stainless steel construction of this product makes it durable and easy to clean, while the sleek dark finish fits seamlessly into any space you keep it.

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The glass door and in-built interior light give you a clear view to track the cooking progress. Accessories such as baking pan, pizza pan, dehydrator rack, crumb tray, and 
wire rack are included in this product.

Its pros are:

– Its Quartz heating delivers 40 percent more even heat,
– It has 11 preset cooking functions; and
– It has Built-in interior light to track the cooking progress.

However it’s cons are:

– The exterior can get hot; and
– It is a bit pricey.

Final words – The Calphalon Quartz heat countertop oven is recommended for anyone in need of a toaster oven that can handle some holiday cooking.

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2. Second product on our list is the Cuisinart Oven Fryer.

Cuisinart Oven Fryer review

14088 Customer ratings | 996+ Answered questions 

Healthy cooking shouldn’t have to be a difficult option for you and your family. As one of the few healthy toaster ovens on the market, this product uses powerful ultra-hot air technology.

The Cuisinart Oven Fryer healthily prepares your food in a way that preserves its nutrients. You get to explore its seven cooking options including, air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, warm, and toast, to prepare a meal for a small family or group.

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It has a standard  capacity that holds 6-slices of toasted bread, 3 pounds of air fry chicken wings, a 12-inch pizza, or 4-pound chicken.

The adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute timer, toast shade selector-timer, and auto shut-off feature enables you to customize 
the cooking process to suit your needs.

There’s also an oven light that gives you a clear view of the cooking process through the glass door.  

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The 0.6 cubic foot non-stick interior is easy to clean, and the entire accessories are dishwasher safe. These accessories include an oven rack, baking pan, air fryer basket, and drip tray. This toaster oven sits stably on your countertop without slipping.

Its pros are:

– It has an auto-shutoff function,
– It uses Air-frying technology; and
– It has Versatile cooking options.

However, the cons are,

– It is rather pricey; and
– It has no dehydration cooking function.

Final words – The Cuisinart Oven Fryer is perfect for anyone who wants to explore various cooking options while still cooking and eating healthy.

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1. Finally, our top Toaster oven is the Breville Smart Oven Pro.

Breville Smart Oven Pro review

6859 Customer ratings | 996+ Answered questions 

Cooking is never boring with the Breville Smart Oven Pro because it has 10 smart cooking functions that include toast, bagel, roast, bake, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, and slow cook. With the slow cook function, your food is prepared at a low temperature for 
about 10 hours.

This will allow every ingredient to absorb into your food to enhance its flavor and provide a tenderized texture. Its Element IQ system transfers heat intelligently across five quartz elements for precise and stable heat.  

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Each of these elements adjusts automatically according to the cooking function. You choose to deliver the right temperature at the right time and ensure a precise cooking process for your food. Using 1800-watt preheat, your food will be ready in no time.

There’s an in-built fan that circulates the hot air within your oven to speed up the cooking process by increasing hot air and reducing cold air, thus reducing the cooking time by up to 30 percent.  

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Other features of this toaster oven include an integrated oven light that comes on automatically every time you open the door and at the end of the cooking cycle to inform you of the cooking status.  

There is also an LCD screen that displays; temperature, time, and start/stop controls. The non-slip feet keep it stable on your countertop while the stainless steel design integrates gracefully into your kitchen or office décor.

Its pros are:

– It has a slow cook function,
– It uses Element IQ technology; and
– It Automatically shuts off to prevent burning.

However, it’s cons are:

– It is not very durable.

Final words – The Breville Smart Oven Pro is ideal for anyone who wants a toaster oven that has safe slow cooking functions.

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