Top 5 The Best Coffee Urns Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2022

Top 5 The Best Coffee Urns Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2022 

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Say goodbye to paper coffee filters. Coffee urns can brew a large amount of coffee and filter it on their own. Keep in mind they have a minimum number of cups. So, if you intend to serve many people, know which coffee urn can do this for you.

In this blog post, we’re going to review the
top five Coffee Urns available on the market. We made this list based on our team opinion, market research, and customer reviews.

So, here are the top five Best Coffee Urns.

5. The fifth product on our list is the Chefman RJ16-SS

Chefman RJ16-SS review

1284 Customer ratings | 137+ Answered questions

Chefman Instant Electric Thermal Hot Water
Pot makes it easy to boil and dispense hot water safely.

This coffee urn works with three dispense
buttons– a manual push pump and two automatic dispensers that supply instant hot water when needed.

With these buttons, you can fill up your cups, bottles, and mugs effortlessly. It has 5.3-liter and 30+ 5.7ounce cup capacity and powerful insulation that enables water to stay heated all through the day.

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This is perfect for personal use at home or
in the office, business meetings, parties, and other informal social gatherings. You can detect how much water is left through by looking at the transparent water level gauge.

So, it will be easy for you to know how much
water you should add to keep the coffee urn filled up. Transporting this pot from the sink to your dining table, counter, or buffet table where it is needed is very convenient thanks to its fold-down carry handle.

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Its base’s 360-degree rotating feature allows
you to access hot water from any angle. More so, this unit is equipped with a locking lid that prevents spills, a locking dispenser that avoids unintended pouring, and an auto shut-off when the water level is below the minimum line.

Its pros are:

  • It has a swivel base for fast serving,
  • It dispenses water in 3 ways; and
  • It is safe to use.

However, the cons are,

  • It does not have a temperature control feature; and
  • It is not as durable when compared with other products.

Final thoughts – However, Chefman RJ16-SS makes serving a cinch, and its multiple clocking functions makes it safe to use even with kids around.

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4. In fourth place is the Gastrorag Premium

Gastrorag Premium coffee urn review

41 Customer ratings | 8+ Answered questions

This coffee urn is ideal for large crowd gatherings. It serves up to 50 cups of freshly brewed coffee, brewing two cups per minute.

This unit is an all-purpose device that can
also be used with tea, hot chocolate, fruit punch, or any other hot drink. Made from corrosion-free stainless steel, Gastrorag Premium has a modern appearance and is durable for everyday use.

Featuring a water-level-viewing window, you can tell when it’s time to refill. Also, there are easy-to-read marks inside the urn that allows easy and accurate filling.

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The sturdy double-wall stainless steel design
of this coffee urn has long-lasting durability and retains heat for a long time. When brewing coffee, the easy-to-read indicator lights up, telling you that the coffee is ready to be served, while the warming mode keeps your coffee at the perfect serving temperature for hours without over brewing.

For safety, Gastrorag Premium has a sturdy
cool-to-touch handle that makes it easy to carry, a locking lid to avoid accidental spills and an extra durable two-way faucet for single-cup or continuous filling.

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It dispenses coffee at approximately 185°F.
Cleaning this coffee urn is simple too. Its reusable stainless-steel filter basket and tube can be easily removed and washed on a dishwasher.

Its pros are:

  • It is easy to fill,
  • It has double-wall insulation; and
  • It is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

However, the cons are,

  • It takes a long time to heat up to room temperature; and
  • It only brews 50 cups of coffee, which is small compared to other urns that brew up to 100 cups.

Final thoughts – Nevertheless, Gastrorag Premium is a classy way to serve a large group of people with coffee. You can use it in outdoor events, conference rooms, hotels, or anywhere there is a crowd.

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3. The third product on our list is Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach coffee urn review

5122 Customer ratings | 381+ Answered questions

This coffee urn makes about 15 to 45 cups
of coffee. The fast-brewing function and high-serving capacity of Hamilton Beach make it perfect for social gatherings, self-serving at a large business meeting, and buffet-style entertaining at home.

You don’t have to monitor this coffee urn
when brewing. All you have to do is set it up as you get ready for your function and let the urn do its magic while you’re busy doing other things.

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It has a ready-to-serve light indicator that
lets you know when you can start pouring. The two-way dispenser can fill a single cup or hold up in a vertical position to fill up a larger carafe.

Accurately filling up this urn to the proper
water level is possible with its water level markings. For safety, Hamilton Beach has heat-resistant and comfortable handles and a twist-lock lid that enables you to carry without spilling its content.

The glossy aluminum finishing of this unit
makes it attractive on any serving table. Overall, this unit is highly ergonomic and durable.

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Other convenient features include a dishwasher-safe lid and brew basket and a detachable cord for easy storage. It also comes with a user guide and a 2-year limited warranty.

Its pros are:

  • It is straightforward to use,
  • It is compatible with single-serve pods or ground coffee; and
  • It is programmable.

However, the cons are,

  • It doesn’t have indicators that show when the coffee is done brewing; and
  • It is a bit noisy.

Final thoughts – But if you are looking for a coffee urn that can serve many people, Hamilton Beach is a good option. It can even be programmed the night before to serve them a cup of coffee very early in the morning.

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2. The second product on our list is the Waring Commercial WCU110.

Waring Commercial WCU110 coffee urn review

37 Customer ratings | 5+ Answered questions

The Waring Commercial coffee urn provides
nothing but premium performance. This unit brews about 110 5-ounce cups of coffee in just over an hour.

Once the coffee is ready to be served, it
automatically turns on the ready-light indicator. This coffee urn is designed for commercial purposes and other large social functions.

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Made with durable stainless steel with modern visual appeal, it features a commercial-grade dual heater. One of which ensures that the brewing temperature stays at 200°F while the other keeps the coffee at the optimal drinking temperature of 185°F.

The ON/OFF lighted power switch keeps you
informed about the brewing process, while the sight glass makes it easy to view the brew level without taking the lid off.

Other features that come with this commercial coffee maker include an easy-pour lever and a pour spout that is cool to the touch. The spout is dripless, eliminating the mess that gets created when coffee constantly drips over your counter.

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Furthermore, the urn includes a boil dry protection feature with an automatic reset. Its handles remain cool for the easy and safe transport of the urn. Maintaining this urn is quite easy, too, as its filter basket is dishwasher safe.

Its pros are:

  • It is easy to move or transport because of its cool-touch handle.
  • It can brew 110 5-ounce cups in an hour; and
  • It has an indicator light that keeps younformed.

However, the cons are,

  • Its spigot is positioned too high; and
  • It dispenses coffee slowly.

Final thoughts – Enjoy coffee after coffee with Waring Commercial WCU110. Serve up to 110 cups of 5-oz coffee in just an hour with this coffee urn and cut everyone’s waiting time short.

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1. Finally, our top Coffee Urn is the Zulay Premium.

Zulay Premium coffee urn review

38 Customer ratings | 7+ Answered questions

Zulay premium Coffee Urn is a functional,
heavy-duty double layer coffee maker best suited for commercial purposes and other large gatherings.

You can quickly serve your customers or guests with its two-pour faucet. This coffee urn has a capacity of 100 5-ounce cups as it can brew one cup per minute.

Designed with a coffee-level-viewing window, it’s easy for you to know when it’s time for another refill. It also includes an easy-to-read light indicator that notifies you when your coffee is ready for serving.

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The double-wall insulator of this coffee urn
is made of stainless steel and has a concealed heating element system that enables it to retain heat for a long time.

It also has cool-to-touch handles that make
it easy to carry and a simple twist-lock lid that helps prevent accidental spillage when transported. In general, this unit is user-friendly, easy to set up, and fill. Apart from coffee, this urn can be used for tea, hot chocolate, or any other hot drink.

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Zulay Premium’s design is elegant, adding
some class and professional touch to your venue. Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you don’t have to doubt its durability.

Its pros are:

  • It carries a 100-coffee cup capacity,
  • Its twist-lock lid helps avoid accidental spillage; and
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

However, its cons:

  • It dispenses coffee slowly.

Final thoughts – Nevertheless, Zulay Premium coffee run is your best option when you need to serve coffee to many people. It is ideal for commercial setups like shops and restaurants.

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That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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